Imperial realms
Owner 8FA
Status online
Players 13/19
Version 1.16.4
Rank 14
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Last Check 11 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types SurvivalVanillaPvEMCMMOHardcore

What is Imperial Realms?

Imperial Realms is a great 1.16.4 Minecraft server community that embraces Survival and Towny with slight twists to provide the BEST Minecraft experience for the players. This server is run by mature adults, young adults and even teenagers with a fantastic connection to the player base.

How do I Join???

Why should I Join?

We at Imperial Realms know that Minecraft players have thousands of choices in servers, varying from completely vanilla to Towny and Pvp based games. Imperial Realms is a perfect blend of smp, towny and pvp!
Our community is based upon a fantastic economy run by the players, for the players.
Imperial Realms offers a "Grief-Free" environment. Not only can any member join a town, EVERY member is given the opportunity to use claim protection to secure their builds in the Wilderness. This protection against griefers provides a safe and secure community for our players to take part in.

★ Not only can you play classic Survival Towny, Imperial Realms offers many fun features:
◈ Over 100 Custom enchantments
◈ Pvp Arena
◈ Custom Bosses
◈ Keys and Crates
◈ Quests
◈ Weekly Events
◈ No afk kick with Playtime Money earned
◈ Grief Protected claiming in the Wild
◈ Biome specific rtp
◈ Jobs that let you earn money grinding
◈ In-game /ranks that offer great perks
◈ Several gorgeous towns
◈ Amazingly fun community!